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Nobles and Ladies:

Don’t forget about fundraising! We have a number of opportunities to raise funds for the Temple and for the Hospital Fund. Help support Oriental Shriners, and get our name visible, by helping in fundraising efforts.

Description: AmbitlogoSmall.jpgHere is an opportunity to raise funds for Oriental Shriners by paying your utility bill every month.  Switch your gas and electric provider to Ambit Energy.  Oriental Shriners will receive $2 each month for each account that is signed up on our Ambit web page.  You will need your National Grid or NYSEG bill for your account numbers.  Gas and electric rates are competitive and you will receive travel reward points each month you pay your bill.  Sign up friends and family, receive additional points, and Oriental receives additional funds.  If you have a second home or a small business, sign up that up, too.  If you have questions, contact Gaylord Hawley.

Image004Circus – We are already working on our 2015 circus.  We always need Nobles to help at the shows.  Venues this year are Plattsburgh, Lake George, Glens Falls, and Amsterdam.  Dates are September 18 – 21. Watch this space and our Circus Web Site for details.  If you know of someone who is interested in advertising in our ad book, please forward their contact information to the Circus Chairman or to the Recorder’s Office.

Image006Sportsman’s Raffle – Oriental Shriners will be holding our sportsman’s raffle again this year.  The format will be a one day drawing event, with a wide selection of prizes.  Contact the Potentate for tickets.  Winners will be drawn October 17 at the Shrine Center.

Image006Basket Raffle – We will be holding our widely popular Basket Raffle again this year.  Last year we had nearly 100 baskets.  Let’s go for more this year.  The raffle will be held June 7, 2015 at the Shrine Center.


Image010Jewelry Raffles – We have two jewelry raffles this year.  The first will be drawn at the Basket Raffle on June 7.  The second will be at the Holiday Party on December 12, 2015.  Tickets are available from Divan members.  Contact the First Lady for details.


Image012 Pie Sale – Oriental Shriners will be holding our pie sale again this year.  We will be doing just a Fall sale this year.  Orders are due by October 17.  Pickup at the Shrine Center on November 5.  Terms are checks, cash, debit or credit cards this year.  Sell 20 pies, and you get one free! 

Image014Donations – Oriental Shriners will always accept donations. We can make small, periodic charges to your credit card. Contact us for details and an authorization form.  Or, if you prefer, send your check, made out to Oriental Shriners, to:
Oriental Shriners, 75 Water Plant Road, Troy, NY 12182

For the Transportation Fund:
Donations – The Transportation Fund will always accept donations. Send your check, made out to Oriental Shriners Hospital Fund, to:
Oriental Shriners, 75 Water Plant Road, Troy, NY 12182
We always need drivers.  To drive the hospital vans, you must be cleared through our insurance company.  Contact the Recorder for an application form.